Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treat

Eli:  Mommy it has been a red day and I still must be able to get candy tonight.

Me:  ?

Ei:  I had to go to the principal's office.
I got put in time out for playing super hero on the playground and then Joshua made fun of me for being in time out. I told him that I was going to come over to his house and slap him.

Me:  ?

Eli:  Then the teacher sent me to the principal's office. The principal said it was a saty vilations because I was threatening another student.

Me:  Ah yes, I see in the tri-copy official paperwork that you have violated someone's safety.  They consider this a verbal threat.  What are we going to do now? 

Eli:  I am really going to work on my new very dirty looks.  My eyes will say what I am thinking.  Then I will blow their minds.

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