Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Egg Hunt

Me:  See you decorated an Easter egg at school.

Eli:  Yep, isn’t it awesome?

Me:  Can’t say I have ever seen a design like this on an egg.

Eli:  Well, at the top is Donald Trump and it says “Boo” and “Moo”.

Me:  It looks like him.  Why “Moo”?

Eli:  Because it sounds like that when everyone yells “Boo”.

Me:  True.

Eli:  The money in the middle says “In Pre-K we don’t trust”.

Me:  Yes, see the baby drawn in the middle of the dollar bill.

Eli:  Stay calm so drink your coffee at the bottom and Jesus on one side and the other side is “Under Construction”.

Me:  So you went for the political/social commentary design?

Eli:  That’s how I roll Mommy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Being Boss

Eli:  Mommy, I have some good news and bad news this morning.

Me:  Okay…

Eli:  The good news is I got myself dressed super fast.  When Daddy came in the room, he thought I was still asleep.  I jumped out of the bed and yelled, “Who’s the boss now!”

Me:  Great news.

Eli:  And, now the bad news.  

Me:  Yes, this is the part I have been waiting for.

Eli:  Well I didn’t want Daddy to see me so I peed in the trashcan.

Me:  What?

Eli:  He would see me if I ran to the bathroom so I just peed in the trashcan behind my door.

Me:  You lost your boss status.