Friday, January 17, 2014

The Sound of Crickets

School:  Mrs. Kurtz this is the Principal and I have Eli in my office.

Me:  How may I help you?

School:  I witnessed Eli shove a kid against the wall and push him to the ground.

Me:  Okay…

School:  It seems the other boy was trying to kill a cricket and Eli didn't want him to do it.

Me:  I see. Is the other child okay?

School:  Yes.  Eli is crying because he is scared to come home.  You need to calm him down.

Me:  Well he should be.  Hand him the phone please.

Me: (on the with Eli) No dead cricket is worth sitting in the principal's office.  EVER.

Eli:  I know that now Mommy!

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