Friday, April 29, 2016

Username and Password

Teacher:  Mrs. Kurtz this is the school.

Me:  What’s going on?

Teacher:  Eli got in trouble today and had to meet with the principal.

Me:  Okay…

Teacher:  Eli hacked into another student’s email and sent inappropriate emails.

Me:  How inappropriate?

Teacher:  They said “You can’t hide.  I am watching you”.

Me:  I see.  Hacked?

Teacher:  Username and password.

Me:  (Would be so impressed if this was code) Well, that’s not good.

Teacher:  He will not be allowed to use email for the month of May.

Me:  Fair enough.

Teacher:  He also couldn’t get through his math test because he was crying because of the emails.

Me:  Yep, sounds about right.

Teacher:  He said his stomach hurt because you gave him bad pizza last night.

Me:  Errrrr

Teacher:  Asked the nurse to check on him and she said he is just sad and wants to come home.

Me:  Home will be a sad place as well.

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