Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chili Moron

(The nurse had already called and told me about the bus incident).

Eli:  Mommy this was the worst day ever.

Me:  What happened?

Eli:  Well I was on the bus telling "Mark" that I was happy Daddy was out of town because you would fix me pizza.

Eli:  And then he said that his mother makes the best chili and asked me if you cooked chili.

Eli:  I told him that you made it last week and you were the best cook.

Me:  Thank you.

Eli:  Then he said his mother could make better chili.  I told him you made better chili and spaghetti. 

Eli:  He said his mommy was a better cook than you and wouldn't stop talking about it.

Eli:  I called him a chili moron.  

Me:  This is a pretty heated discussion over chili.

Eli:  Then he got mad at me.  He had a sack lunch and it had an apple in the bottom of the bag and he used it to punch me in the face.

Me:  Wow. This was all over who cooked the best chili?  Well I am proud of you that you didn't hit him back.  You can't get kicked off another bus again.

Eli:  Oh I totally shoved him up against the wall Mommy.  They didn't see that part.

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