Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sign Language

Me:  How was school?  Did you make any new friends?

Eli:  I made a new friend on the bus.  He showed me how to do this with my middle finger.

Me:  He showed you how to shoot a bird…lovely.

Eli:  He also said to say "Fut you" when you show people your middle finger.

Me:  Hummm, interesting.  It's not "Fut" and I am not telling you the correct word.

Eli:  I showed my middle finger to all my friends at school today.

Me:  No more "Futs", no more fingers.  Grown adults get in fist-fights over this because it the worst thing you can do or say.

Eli:  Really? Well my friend said he showed his finger and said "fut you" to the man who ran over his dog.

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